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100th anniversary calendar with original photos of production and people.
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2 golden plated S-211 & SF-260 pins (latest SIAI produced A/C).
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Postcard with special seal ( S-55 or SM-79 ).
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SM.79 Model for collectors1:72 scale
S.55 Model for collectors 1:100 scale
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Quality copies of S.55 three view drawings, with A. Marchetti signature, numbered and stamped.

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SIAI Marchetti centenary

We celebrate the company that made Italy flying in the skies of the world

You can donate through bank transfer on the checking account headed to "Gruppo Lavoratori Agusta Seniores - Sez. SIAI Marchetti"

Prossima Bank 

IBAN: IT20V0335901600100000123247

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